Monday, May 21, 2012

Project Close-out Checklist

Read this BEFORE you start your project. If you do, this will be easier at the end. Depending on the type of project, the following steps may be useful.
  • Transition your team members off appropriately. Understand what their next assignments are and that there is the right amount of overlap.
  • Obtain sign-off(s) on the delivered product and the complete project. Ideally, the sign-off reflects back what was agreed to in the contract.
  • Deliver all necessary documentation to the client. This should be reflected in the contract.
  • Archive all appropriate documentation on the network and in the physical project notebook. Copy project files including the final project onto a CD and keep in the physical project notebook.
  • Perform a post-project review (aka a “post-mortem” or “sunset” meeting) with the project team, customer, vendors (if applicable) and management. The focus of the review is: what worked well? what did not work well? what would you do to improve the next project?
  • Give individual performance feedback to the team members if necessary
  • Update the project history file with final actual performance data and the post-project review. The file should be then stored and organized for easy access during future projects.
  • Close project accounts and finalize all billing. Close the project number to restrict further billing
  • Make sure all non-company labor (contractors) have submitted invoices for their work and have been paid.
  • Make sure all non-labor costs have been invoiced for and have been paid for, and receipts have been obtained. These costs may include: photography costs, hardware and software costs, project expenses, and more
  • Make sure the MS Project file accurately reflects the end of the project.
  • Make sure your budget workbook accurately reflects all project labor costs.
  • Inform marketing and the rest of company of delivered goods for knowledge sharing purposes. For marketing purposes, prepare a couple paragraphs on the overview of the project that includes - project overview, what your company did, and return on investment if possible